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Funsized Fall Challenge

The ultimate 6-week fitness challenge

Sign-ups: Sept. 28th-Oct. 3rd 

Challenge begins: Monday Oct. 5th 

What is this challenge?

The perfect fitness program for someone who likes the idea of 1:1 coaching but doesn't want to commit to a long-term contract. It is a 6 week workout program tailored to primarily build muscle, boost your metabolism, improve your overall endurance/conditioning, and most of all build your confidence!

What kind of workouts are included in this challenge?

I am a hybrid athlete and I have found a blend of different styles of training work best! While it is primarily bodybuilding-based, it will focus on individual muscle groups as well as full body conditioning and circuit training. You will also get cardio recommendations as well! The best part- You can do it from home or at the gym! 

What else is included in this challenge?

  • Weekly Video Demos of ALL exercises

  • Weekly Fall recipes (pumpkin protein bread? YES!)

  • Weekly Videos on topics like nutrition, mindset, etc.

  • Access to Funsized Challenge Facebook Accountability Group

  • Nutrition & Cardio Guide

  • Stretching &  Mobility Guide

  • Option to purchase a one time custom macro setting and custom cardio regimen as an add-on

  • And there's prizes y'all!

How much does this cost and are there payment plans?

The challenge is $45! If you have any issues with paying up-front, contact me directly to make payment arrangements!


If you've been wanting to make a change, the time is now! Fall back into fitness- the funsized way! 

Click the link below to sign up today!

Your time to make a change is now- fall back into fitness!

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